Alan received his undergraduate and graduate education in Oxford, being awarded his BA in Law (first class) in 1997. Thereafter, he was awarded the degrees of BCL (first class) and DPhil. Following a period as a lecturer at the University of Birmingham, Alan returned to Oxford in 2003 to take up his fellowship at Hertford College. Alan's research focuses predominantly on theoretical issues in domestic, European and International labour law. His book 'The Democratic Aspects of Trade Union Recognition' was published in 2009 by Hart Publishing. It was awarded the SLS Peter Birks' Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship in 2010. The book has been reviewed in the Cambridge Law Journal, Law Quarterly Review, Modern Law Review, Industrial Law Journal, British Journal of Industrial Relations, International Journal of Law in Context, Industrial Relations Journal (UK), Journal of Industrial Relations (Australia), Osgoode Hall Law Journal, and Canadian Journal of Employment and Labour Law. Additionally, his work in labour law has been published in a wide variety of international journals.

He is currently coordinating a Leverhulme International Research Network with Professor Tonia Novitz at the University of Bristol following the successful award of a large scale grant. Details of the network's activities can be found here: The network includes academics from Stanford, Osgoode Hall, and Monash Universities.

Additionally, current research projects include: the intersection between migrant status and labour rights; European Social Dialogue and theories of deliberative democracy; and the constitutionalisation of freedom of association in comparative perspective. His work has been cited by Advocate Generals in the Court of Justice of the European Union in respect of working time regulation. Most recently, his work was cited with approval by the United Kingdom Supreme Court on the issue of sham contracts of employment in Autoclenz v Belcher. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Institute of Employment Rights.


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    ISBN: 199683131
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  • A Bogg, 'Good Faith in the Contract of Employment: A Case of the English Reserve?' (2011) 32 Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal 729
    A theoretical analysis of the concept of good faith in the personal employment contract (approx 15,000 words)
    ISBN: 1095-6654
  • A Bogg, 'Bournemouth University v Buckland: Re-establishing Orthodoxy at the Expense of Coherence?' (2010) Industrial Law Journal 408
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  • A Bogg, 'Sham self-employment in the Court of Appeal' (2010) 126 Law Quarterly Review 166 [Case Note]
    Analyses recent Court of Appeal developments on the concept of sham terms in personal employment contracts



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