Aleksi Ollikainen is a Senior College Lecturer in Trusts and a research student at Keble College. His research deals with the question of how creditors gain access to trust funds. Central to this question is the operation of trustee indemnities and subrogation, as well as the rights of beneficiaries' creditors. The work also includes a comparative element to US trust law.

Aleksi graduated from Durham Law School with first class honours. He spent the next year in the Finnish Defence Forces, where he was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. He then obtained the degrees of Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Oxford. His DPhil is currently under review.

Aleksi teaches Contract Law and Trusts. In 2014-15 he worked with Dr James Goudkamp as a Graduate Mooting Assistant. Aleksi has received the Oxford Law Faculty Land/Trusts Scholarship in 2014, and Keble College Sloane Robinson Scholarship in 2014. He also received an Exceptional Scholarship Award from the Insolvency Lawyers' Association in 2016.

In 2015 Aleksi was on a visiting research fellowship at Harvard Law School, working with Professor Robert Sitkoff. For this he won funding from the Keble Association, the Faith Ivens-Franklin Fund and an Oxford Law Faculty Travel Award. 

Research Interests

Trusts; Equity; Property; Contract; Corporate Law; Unjust Enrichment

Options taught

Contract, Trusts

Research projects