Alper Özün is an associate professor in accounting and finance with a specific focus on financial risk management. He has a PhD in finance (University of Bradford, School of Management), MSc in information technologies (Istanbul Technical University), MSc in business finance (Brunel University) and BA in political science and international relations (Bosphorus University).

Before joining University of Oxford, Alper had visiting academic roles at Koc University and University of Cambridge where he experienced in finance and economics. He has recently shifted his research interest on empirical constitutional economics, specifically on political risk, rule of law and taxation policy, where he aims to leverage his diversified academic background. He is delighted to be a visiting professor at the Center for Socio-Legal Studies, where he works on two research projects, namely, `co-movements between political risk and sovereign credit risk ratings`, and `an empirical discussion on taxation policy and rule of law in the context of constitutional economics`.

Apart from his academic life, Alper is a banker with international experience in treasury and capital management functions in the banking sector over eighteen years. He currently works for HSBC London as head of treasury operations for the EMEA region.

Research projects