Aradhana Cherupara Vadekkethil


Aradhana is reading for the Master of Philosophy in law (MPhil) at Faculty of Law, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on rape adjudication and prosecution in India; she seeks to highlight through her research how culturally dominant notions, underlying preconceptions and prejudices about rape (continue to) percolate through the talk of sexual assault cases in a variety of settings and ultimately shape their outcome. She is a Cornelia Sorabji scholar at the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, Somerville College.

Aradhana is Co-Chair of the Oxford Pro Bono Publico for the year 2018-19. She completed her Bachelor of Civil Law degree in June 2018, with a focus on Comparative Human Rights, Comparative Equality Law, Medical Law and Ethics, and Children, Families and State.  Prior to Oxford, she obtained an undergraduate degree in law from National Law University (Delhi) India. Her interest in the study of human rights law stems from her research experiences as a researcher on the Death Penalty Research Project(India), which she believes was her first exposure to the harsh realities of the people at the receiving end of the criminal justice system. She aspires to engage in academics and policy making in human rights law and criminal law.