Astrid Julia Lambregts

DPhil Criminology

Other affiliations

Kellogg College



After studying law at the University of Leipzig (Germany, 2009-2013) and completing her LLB in Common Law at BPP University in London (2013-2015), Astrid enrolled for the MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice at the Centre of Criminology (2015-2016).  This sparked her interest in research on domestic abuse and subsequently led to an MPhil dissertation on the sentencing of female perpetrators of intimate partner abuse (2016-2017) and finally resulted in her taking up a place as a Probationary Research Student. Astrid is completing the DPhil part-time, focusing on the conceptualisation of 'vulnerability' in the inter-agency discourse. 

Research Interests

Criminal Law, Comparative Law, Criminology, Feminist Criminology, Victimology