Ben Goold (B.Ec., LL.B. (Tasmania), B.C.L. (Oxford), D.Phil. (Law) (Oxford)) has been Associate Professor in the Law Faculty at the University of British Columbia sine January 2010. Ben is still associated with the Centre for Criminology through research projects. He was a University Lecturer in Law and a Fellow and Tutor at Somerville College until January 2010. His major research interests are in the use of surveillance technology by the police, and the relationship between individual privacy rights and the criminal law. He is author of CCTV and Policing (2003, Oxford UP) and several articles on these topics. He taught Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Penology, Introduction to Law, and Torts for Somerville. He also writes on aspects of the Japanese criminal justice system, and is a member of the Faculty of Oriental Studies and an Associate Member of the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies.



Research Interests

Surveillance, security, social control, human rights, Japanese criminal justice

Research projects