Birke Häcker took up the post of Linklaters Professor of Comparative Law in September 2016. She read law at the Universities of Tübingen, Oxford and Bonn, obtaining degrees with distinction in both English and German law, and subsequently completed an Oxford doctorate in comparative private law (Consequences of Impaired Consent Transfers: A Structural Comparison of English and German Law, published 2009, republished 2013). She was previously an Examination Fellow of All Souls College (2001–2008), a Stipendiary Lecturer at Lady Margaret Hall (2007–2008), a Research Associate and Lecturer in Law at Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich (2009–2015), a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance in Munich (2011–2016), and a Fifty-Pound Fellow of All Souls College (2011–2016). She is fully qualified to practice law in Germany.

Her main research interests lie in comparative private law, with a strong historical focus. This includes especially contract, tort, trusts, succession, property and restitution, but also extends to adjoining areas of commercial and company law, aspects of tax law, as well as the principles governing the conflict of laws. At Oxford, Birke will teach comparative law and European Private Law to both graduates and undergraduates.

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