European environmental and animal lawyer and Ph.D. student in European environmental public law at Political Science Department at the University of Rome Sapienza, her thesis’s research is about biodiversity’s protection in the light of the evolution of European animal law, with a visiting fellowship at Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. The study analyses the evolution of European animal law comparing it to the actual international, European and Italian biodiversity’s rules protection, focusing on the effectiveness of the biodiversity protection.

Specialized in European and Italian environmental and animal law and policies, her research and publications are about the evolution of animal law, the effectiveness, the political and social consequences with a focus on the impact of animal law in environmental and health issues.

The main purpose of her research as Academic Visitor at the Centre for Socio Legal Studies is to enlight and analyze the benefits of including animal welfare in the public policy. The topic of the promotion of animal welfare, carried on through public tools of regulation, is directly connected to some crucial thematic areas: human health, agriculture sustainability (e.g. meat and water consumption) and climate change. A clear example of the interconnections between the above-mentioned areas can be seen through the following linkage: public procurement and animal welfare. Therefore, the logical assumption of a comprehensive package of policy measures is to investigate how the traditional tools of regulation can be set to tackle climate change, land resources consumption and human health protection through the promotion of animal welfare.The capacity of public procurement policy to align priorities to strengthen other policy areas today requires being related, among the other social scopes that can be pursued, especially to animal agriculture. The legal aim of the proposed research is the verification of the conformity and the implementation of the actual public regulation to the principles of European and national animal law, environmental and sanitary law, with the aim to enucleate common principles about public regulation (e.g. public procurement) which should inform the actions directed towards the regulation of animal agriculture and land resources conservation, towards the improvement of animal and human health, towards the implementation of effective climate change policies.

She has been working for more than 10 years as lawyer and legal consultant about environmental law and politics and animal law and politics for many European NGOs and Italian institutions and she is head of LAV legal office, one of the most important Italian NGO for animal rights ( ), working particularly on criminal and public animal law, as attorney and as legal consultant for public institutions, veterinary, judges and police.

She is visiting professor at the master in Animal Law at University of Barcellona and she is supporting member of ENPE, the European network of public prosecutors against environmental crimes (, working in the group that is exploring the major issues of interpretation, practical application, evidence gathering and quantification of damage to the environment that hinder efficient and effective prosecution and adjudication of non-compliance with EU wildlife laws, focussing on:the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC)the Birds Directive (2009/147/EC)CITES Regulations (EC/338/97, EC/792/2012 and EC/865/2006)

Author of numerous publications and researches on environmental and animal law, among others: “Legal protection of biodiversity” in the handbook “European environmental Law” by Roberto Giuffrida, Giappichelli editors 2018 editionHandbook “Alternative methods to animal testing” by Maria Vittoria Ferroni and Carla Campanaro, Giappichelli editors 2017 edition; Handbook “Legal protection of animals” by Carla Campanaro and Maurizio Santoloci, Dirittoambiente edition 2015;“The contradiction between the animal as “sentient being” and the animal as “res” in the handbook  “Prison and nonviolent reeducation, the Gorgona’s project” by Silvia Buzzelli; “Legal protection of animals” inside the handbook  “Enforcement of forensic procedure” Diritto ambiente edition, 2015 edition; “Legal protection of water” in the handbook “European environmental Law”  by Roberto Giuffrida, Giappichelli editors 2013; “Protection of animals in the zoo” inside the handbook “The Animal Issue” inside the Bio Law Treaty, by Luigi Lombardi Vallauri directed by Rodotà Stefano 2012;

Publications on the web journal, where she coordinates the animal law area, on the web journal where she is a member of the scientific group of the center for research.

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