Carson Smith is a candidate for the MPhil in Socio-Legal Research under the supervision of Professor Linda Mulcahy. Her work focuses on community mediation mechanisms in multicultural communities of London. She is being funded through the Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholarship. At Oxford, she acts as a student chairperson and editor for the Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) group and a student representative to the Faculty of Law.  

Before coming to Oxford, Carson graduated with honors from Stanford University, where she received a BA in Political Science with a minor in Native American Studies. During her time there, she founded the Native American pre-law student association, acted as the co-chair for the Stanford American Indian Organization, and spearheaded many institution-wide initatives. She also continues to hold a role in the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative Advisory Committee, where she works with indigenous leaders around North America to collaborate on peacemaking initiatives.

Carson's previous research explored indigenous conflict resolution methods currently being used in North American tribal governments. In the past, Carson has been invited to present her work in various settings, including the Caux Forum on Just Governance and Human Security and Stanford University Law School. She has previous teaching experience at the Stanford University Design School, where she developed and co-taught a course on culturally-competent dispute resolution.

Research projects