Catherine von Wittelsbach





Catherine has worked on the innovation in pharmaceuticals in the EU. Her  other insterests include technology, biotechnology and legal aspects of innovation in high technologies, and in commerce. She worked with Professor Galigaan on Biotechnology Research. Her teaching experience involves teching student from Princeton University US, and in Liege, Belgium. Her supervisor is Stepehen Weatherill. 

She has got a degree in International Relations and European Integration from the University of Liege, Belgium. She has worked on projects sposored by the Department of Trade and Industry, is a Chevening Scholar, Bill Miller Awards Winner, and ORS.  She was the best student in 10 years of the history of the faculty in Liege. 

She worked on a development of the prototype house as where futuristic technologies would be incorporated. She was involved in research leading to Mobile World Expo in Barcelona. She has focused on hte newest medication that is available in the post Covid era. 


Research projects