Christopher Hodges is Professor of Justice Systems, and head of the Swiss Re Research Programme on Civil Justice Systems, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford. He is a Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford.


BA (New College Oxford, 1976) MA 1980, PhD (King's College, London, 2004); Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, 1979-2014; Freeman of the City of London, 1982; Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong, 1984; Fellow of the Society of Advanced Legal Studies, 2000; Society of Legal Scholars, 2006

Academic Appointments

Erasmus Professor of the Fundamentals of Private Law, Erasmus University, Rotterdam 2011-2014; Honorary Professor, the China University for Political Science and Law, Beijing 2013-2016; Guest Professor, Wuhan University, Wuhan 2013-2016; Adviser, ELI (European Law Institute) and UNIDROIT (the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) joint project “From Transnational Principles to European Rules of Civil Procedure” 2016-; Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra, 2014; Member of Advisory Board of the Research Centre for the Law and Policy of Global Consumer Protection, Wuhan University, China 2013-; Academic Advisory Panel of the Department of Trade & Industry on consumer law, 2001-; Expert Working Group of the European Commission on Directive 85/374 on product liability, 2004-; Visiting Lecturer, University of Surrey, MSc course in Pharmaceutical Medicine, Module on ‘Advanced Law and Ethics’, 1994-1997.

Professor Hodges is a member of the Board of The Foundation for Law, Justice, and Society (2015), and Member of the Examinations Board of the Society of Apothecaries of London (2012)

Previous Appointments

Chairman, Bampton Classical Opera, 2006-2013; Chairman, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, 2007-2011; Chairman, Legal Committee, European Association of Medical Technology Manufacturers (EUCOMED), 1995-2008; Vice-Chairman, Association of British Healthcare Industries, 2003-2008 and Chair of its Legal Committee and Technical Policy Group, 2003-2008; Chair, Committee on Product Liability, Advertising, Unfair Competition and Consumer Affairs, International Bar Association, 1990s; Co-Chair, Working Groups on Regulation and on Communications (with Professor K Woods, CEO of MHRA) of the Department of Health’s Health Industries Task Force 2003-2007; Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna, 1990-2004; Vice-Chair, Research Ethics Committee, Harrow Health District, 1990s; Trustee and Director, The Sixteen, c1990-2006; Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Consumer Law Journal, 1993-2000; member of the Board of the UK Research Integrity Office (2008-2018).



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    Research report being published by the British Retail Consortium, forthcoming.
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    This is due out any day and has it's been proof-read some weeks ago - possibly the June edition, although might just be September.Does this count?There are various other articles, but this is the most prestigious.
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    This is the textbook on the English Group Litigation Order procedure.It was reviewed in Cambridge LJ very favourably, inc as 'a minor miracle'!
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Research projects

Research Interests

Civil Justice Systems: procedural and funding systems; Multi-Party Actions (class actions and representative/collective actions); EU Regulation of Products; Healthcare law; Product liability; Consumer law

Research projects