Cristina's doctoral work explores the relationship between museums, art market regulation, and the art market. In her fieldwork, she examined how French museums respond to the growth of regulatory mechanisms in the art market, ownership disputes concerning their collections, and criticisms of the traditional role of the museum in France. Cristina's work also explores the emergence of ethical norms and codes of ethics as a source of regulation for the art market and museum practices.

Alongside her DPhil, Cristina also coordinates a project examining how Big Data is understood and used in policy-making processes in the public sector. In particular, this project seeks to acquire an empirical understanding of how Big Data tools and evidence-based approaches are currently employed in policy-making praxis.

Cristina joined the University of Oxford in 2013 as an ESRC scholar. She is also the recipient of the New College 1379 Society Old Members Scholarship. Cristina holds degrees from University of Cambridge (MPhil in Social and Museum Anthropology), LSE (MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society), and from University of Bucharest (BA in Politics).

Research projects