Diana Dajer

DPhil Socio-Legal Studies

Other affiliations

Green Templeton College


Diana Dajer is a DPhil candidate of Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford, a Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Research for Action Awardee, a Colciencias Scholar, and founder of Policéntrico, a start-up that fosters sustainable development and peacebuilding in Colombia using participatory methodologies and experimentation. She is also the board chair of Build Up and member of the Global PB Research Board at the Global Participatory Budgeting Hub. Her research focuses on the interaction between citizen participation, technology and peacebuilding in Colombia, using participatory budgeting as a case study. 

Inclusion in post-conflict societies is Diana’s biggest interest. Her career is rooted in Colombia and Latin America’s state-building efforts, working in projects involving democratic innovation, human rights and transitional justice. Until recently, she was a Build Peace Fellow, where she conducted a research for action project to design Our Development, a participatory budgeting game and tech tool for Medellín. 

In some of her previous positions she has worked as an advisor on peace for the Colombian Ministry of Interior, as Project Manager of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Rule of Law Programme for Latin America, as a researcher for the Toledo International Centre for Peace, and as a consultant at Purpose. Additionally, she is a lawyer (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana), specialist in administrative law (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana), and master in public policy (University of Oxford).