Edwin Simpson (BCL 1989, MA 1990) is an Official Student (or Tutor) in Law at Christ Church, and the Barclays Bank Lecturer in Taxation in the University. He is a barrister and member of Lincoln's Inn.

His interests focus around theories of the public sphere and of property, and naturally meet in topics such as trusts law, juripsrudence, highway law, and the law of taxation.

He teaches Trusts, Jurisprudence, and Taxation Law (FHS); and Trusts and Global Wealth Taxation (BCL/MJur/MLF).


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  • E J F Simpson and I Peacock, 'Exempt Information' in J Macdonald QC, R Crail (ed), Macdonald on the Law of Freedom of Information, 3rd edition (OUP 2016)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-872445-2
  • E J F Simpson, 'Five Lectures on the Common Law with Comparative Reference to the Law of China: Lecture Five, Common Law and Taxation ' (2015) Tsinghua China L. Rev. 109
    ISBN: 2151-8904
  • E J F Simpson, Sham Transactions (OUP 2013)
    ISBN: 0199685347
  • E J F Simpson, 'Is there a role for a European Principle prohibiting Abuse of Law in in the field of Personal Taxation?' in Rita de la Feria and Stefan Vogenauer (eds), Prohibition of Abuse of Law (Hart Publishing, Studies of the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law 2011)
    ISBN: 978-1-84113-938-8
  • E J F Simpson, 'Paterson v Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [2010] EWHC 394 (Admin) ' (2010) RWLR [Case Note]
  • E J F Simpson and Ian Peacock, 'Exempt Information' in Macdonald, Crail and Jones (eds), The Law of Freedom of Information, 2nd edition (OUP 2009)
    The chapter considers in detail the categories of exempt information established by the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The position under other FOI regimes is also considered.
    ISBN: 978-0-19-954435-6
  • E J F Simpson, 'Capital Gains Tax' (2008) OUP The New Oxford Companion to Law 99
    Brief legal encyclopedia entry
    ISBN: 978-0-19-929054-3
  • E J F Simpson, Lewin on Trusts (18th edn Thomson Sweet & Maxwell 2008)
    ISBN: 13 978-0-421-87420-6
  • E J F Simpson, 'Taxation of Trusts' (2008) The New Oxford Companion to Law 1156
    Brief legal encyclopedia entry
    ISBN: 978-0-19-929054-3
  • E J F Simpson, 'Making Sense of the Ramsay Principle: a Novel Role for Public Law?' in Jean-Bernard Auby and M. R. Freedland (eds), The Public Law/Private Law Divide: une entente assez cordiale (Hart Publishing 2006)
    ISBN: 9781841136356
  • E J F Simpson, 'DPP v Jones gains ground' (2004) 38018 Rights of Way Law Review 55 [Case Note]
    A note on the treatment of DPP v Jones in Westminster City Council v Haw.
    ISBN: 0961-5741
  • E J F Simpson, 'The Ramsay Principle: a Curious Incident of Judicial Reticence?' [2004] British Tax Review 358
    An examination of the constitutional constraints upon the judiciary in the development of tax law; and an argument (i) that they have been misunderstood, and (ii) that, if properly understood, a legislated GAAR (general anti-avoidance rule) would be unnecesary.
    ISBN: 0007-1870
  • E J F Simpson and I Peacock, 'Exempt Information' in Macdonald and Jones (eds), The Law of Freedom of Information (OUP 2003)
    ISBN: 0199249946
  • E J F Simpson and B McFarlane, 'Tackling Avoidance' in J Getzler (ed), Rationalizing Property, Equity and Trusts - Essays in Honour of Edward Burn (OUP 2003)
    ISBN: 0 406 96440 8
  • E J F Simpson, 'Conflicts' in Peter Birks and Arianna Pretto (eds), Breach of Trust (Hart Publishing 2002)
    ISBN: 1-84113-174-1
  • E J F Simpson, 'Part Three: Trusts and Taxation' in Megarry & Burn (ed), Trusts and Trustees: Cases and Materials, 6th edn, (Butterworths Lexis-Nexis 2002)
    The chapters describe how trusts are taxed.
    ISBN: 0-406-98586-3
  • E J F Simpson, Lewin on Trusts (17th edn Sweet & Maxwell 2000)
    ISBN: 0-421-23390-7
  • E J F Simpson, 'On the nature of resulting trusts: the Vandervell litigation revisited' in Birks and Rose (eds), Restitution and Equity Vol 1: Resulting Trusts and Equitable Compensation (LLP Mansfield Press 2000)
    The chapter sets the rest of the book into context by analysing the proper interpretation of the Vandervell litigation, and considering whether all can agree that resulting trusts arise by operation of law.
    ISBN: 1 85978 5670
  • E J F Simpson, 'The Golden Metwand and the Crooked Cord: Essays on Public Law in Honour of Sir William Wade QC' (1999) Law Quarterly Review 160 [Review]
    Review of festschrift for Sir William Wade QC, considering in particular the significance of 'constitutional fundamentals' as features of the constitution resistant to legislative encroachment.
    ISBN: 0023-933X
  • E J F Simpson, '"As of right": all in the mind?' (1998) The Conveyancer 442
    Analyses the 'belief' requirement in the 'as of right' test in relation to public rights of way and private easements.
    ISBN: 0010-8200


For the academic year 2002-03 Edwin is on leave from the faculty. He is based in Brussels, engaging in research concerning the taxation of trusts and issues of tax avoidance, but can still be contacted at

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Jurisprudence, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Trusts, Taxation

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Jurisprudence, Trusts, Taxation Law

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