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Feifan Guo is currently working as a PhD candidate and fixed term lecturer at the School of Law, University of Essex. His research interests are in financial consumer dispute resolution (ADR), financial regulation law and international private law. Besides these, he works as a research assistant on various projects, particularly relating to Fintech and International Arbitration.  Feifan is also a research assistant on the Oxford University One Belt One Road subprogrammes Consumer Rights Beyond Boundaries and Finance, Trade & Entrepreneurs.  

In addition to being a researcher, he is also an experienced Chinese lawyer. He acquired his Chinese legal profession qualification in 2011 and has abundant intern experience in the Chinese Government, court and top law firms.

After finishing his first LLM majoring in International Private Law with honours at China University of Political Science and Law in 2015, Feifan went to University of Leiden for his international civil and commercial LLM degree. At Leiden, he participated in several high-level academic events while finishing a high quality Master's thesis supervised by Professor Louise Gullifer (Harris Manchester College, Oxford University). After that, he went to University of Essex to continue his research on financial consumer dispute resolution and consumer protection.

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