Friso is studying for the DPhil in Social-Legal Studies under the supervision of Dr. Marina Kurkchiyan and Dr. Christopher Decker. His research focusses on the interaction between medical ethics and professional regulation of medical doctors in the UK and The Netherlands.

He took his first degree in Law and Public Administration at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. During his LL.M at the same University he specialised in sociology of law. He pursued his broader interest in rule-making during his MSc in regulation at the London School of Economics.

Before joining the Centre he worked for the University of Groningen and the Applied Science University of Amsterdam as a researcher on the ‘ Crisis and Recovery Act’  and lecturer on public law, insolvency law and legal aid.


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  • Jansen, K de Graaf and A Marseille, 'Accelerating Court Proceedings with the Dutch Crisis and Recovery Act: Direct and Indirect Effects of Procedural Provisions' (2013) 10 Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law 276?294


Research Interests

Sociology of law; Regulation; Public law; Applied Ethics

Research projects