Hafsteinn Dan Kristjansson

DPhil Law and Stipendiary Lecturer at Balliol College


Hafsteinn Dan Kristjánsson has been an Adjunct Professor (Ice. aðjunkt) at the Law Faculty of the University of Iceland since 2013. Before that he was a part-time lecturer 2009-2013. He has lectured in the areas of legal method (sources of law and legal interpretation), administrative law, EU-law/EEA-law and introduction to criminal law.


He is currently a stipendiary lecturer in law at Balliol College, University of Oxford (2019-2021) where he has taught jurisprudence and European Union law.


He is currently (2020-2021) a GTA in Jurisprudence and Political Theory, which is a part of the BCL/MJUR at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.


He was Deputy to the Parliamentary Ombudsman of Iceland (Ice. aðstoðarmaður umboðsmanns Alþingis) 2013-2018. Before that he was a lawyer at the Parliamentary Ombudsman 2009-2013 and part-time 2007-2009.


Hafsteinn Dan has published books, book chapters, law review articles and a book review as well as written a teaching manuscript. They are in several languages and in the fields of jurisprudence, legal method, administrative and constitutional law, civil and criminal procedure, property law, human rights law, criminal law and EU-law/EEA-law. 


He has been a country/section editor of the Nordic Administrative Journal (d. Nordisk Administrativt Tidsskrift) since 2016. He sits on the board of editors of ELSA Iceland (2020-), which is a newly founded law journal about international law broadly understood.


He co-convened the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group (JDG) 2018-2020.


He sat on the board of the Icelandic Tennis Federation in different capacities, was the Vice-Chariman of Kópavogur's Tennis Club and is currently on the board of Hafnarfjörður's tennis club, to name a few things not related to law.



B.A. degree in law from the University of Iceland 2007.


Mag.jur degree in law from the University of Iceland 2009.


M.jur. degree from Oxford University (University College), where he was a Chevening Scholar and awarded the Class of '58 scholarship from University College.


L.LM. degree from Harvard Law School, where he was a Fulbright Scholar and awarded the Frank Boas and American-Scandinavian Foundation scholarships.


Admitted to the bar in Iceland in May 2016.


He is currently working on a Dphil in the field of jurisprudence on norms of legal method.

Research Interests

He is currently working on a Dphil under the supervision of professor Leslie Green in the field of jurisprudence on norms of legal method.

His interests are jurisprudence, constitutional and administrative law and EU law.

Research projects & programmes

Jurisprudence in Oxford Research Group