Ioannis Kampourakis is a Career Development Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies. His current research examines the increasing employment of social norms in the regulation of economic activity, focusing among other things on the diffusion of transparency requirements regarding the impact of transnational corporate activity on human rights and the environment. Of particular interest to the broader postdoctoral project are questions around the governance of Global Value Chains, the transformation of the notion of legal bindingness, and the overlap of legal and regulatory theory in concepts such as 'reflexive law', 'new governance', and 'societal constitutionalism'.

Prior to this appointment, Ioannis was a Doctoral Fellow in Law at Freie Universität Berlin and a member of the international, interdisciplinary 'Human Rights Under Pressure' doctoral program. Ioannis holds a 'Master 2 - Droit Public Fondamental' from Université Paris I - Sorbonne and a 4-year LLB from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Ioannis has also been a visiting fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the South African Institute of Advanced Constitutional Law (SAIFAC). He has has also worked as a trainee lawyer for the Legal Council of State in Athens, Greece, appointed to the Ministry of Administrative Reform. Apart from his academic endeavours, Ioannis is also a published author of fiction and he has been shortlisted for the 'National Literature Award - Prize for Debut Author' in Greece.



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  • I Kampourakis, Corporate Social Responsibility codes and the contemporary concept of law, paper presented at Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard University
  • I Kampourakis, New governance as reflexive law: A materialization of Critical Systems Theory?, paper presented at 11th International Conference on Critical Theory
  • I Kampourakis, Protecting the market, not the whistleblower: Whistleblowing as a mode of new governance, paper presented at Law and Society Annual Conference
  • I Kampourakis, Mobilizing through whistleblowing: Between deliberative democracy and corporate regulation, paper presented at Berlin Working Group on Socio-legal Studies, Berlin Social Science Center, and Law & Society Institute
  • I Kampourakis, Power and democracy: Revisiting the Foucault-Habermas debate in the context of the rising populisms, paper presented at 10th International Conference on Critical Theory
  • I Kampourakis, Balancing freedom of speech and national security considerations: A right to whistleblowing?, paper presented at Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik
  • I Kampourakis, The theoretical foundations of whistleblowing, paper presented at Paris Ouest Nanterre University


Research Interests

  • Legal and Social Theory
  • Law and Political Economy
  • Comparative Approaches to Regulation and Governance 
  • Comparative Public Law 
  • International Law with a focus on Business and Human Rights 
  • Law and Globalization

Research projects