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Jaan Paju (LLM Uppsala, LLM (European Law) KCL, PhD Stockholm) is the Stockholm Commercial Centre Oxford Fellow 2015 - 2016 at the Institute of European and Comparative Law. Formerly a lawyer at the National Social Security Agency Dr Paju is currently a consultant with the Swedish Ministry for Social Affairs with regard to EU Free Movement Law. Between 2000 and 2002 he was at the Swedish Ministry of Justice with special responsibility for the Ministry's EU enlargement negotiations. In 1994 he served as the personal adviser to the Estonian minister of Law, Mr Kama. He has been at the Stockholm University, Sweden, since 2010.

His main research interests are EU Social law, The Internal Market with a special interest in the Free Movement of Persons and the EU law interaction with National Welfare Systems.

He is the editor of Europarättslig Tidskrift (The Scandinavian EU Law Review) since its foundation 1998. He was the National Rapporteur for the FIDE congress 2000 and also in 2014. He is a co-editor to the Karnov commentary on the Swedish Social Security Act. Jaan Paju has published numerous articles (mainly in Swedish). Forthcoming publications include Much Ado About Nothing? How the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Could Challenge Prevailing Notions of Territorial Rights and Solidarity as Regards National Social Security Systems, de Vries, S., Bernitz, U. & Weaterhill, S., The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as a Binding Instrument, Five Years Old and Growing, Hart, late 2015.


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Stockholm Commercial Centre Oxford Fellow 2015 - 2016


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