I joined the Faculty of Law as an Associate Professor, and Magdalen College as a Tutorial Fellow, in October 2018. Before this, I was the David Li Fellow in Law at Selwyn College in Cambridge (2015-2018) and a student at Trinity College, Cambridge (BA Law 2008-11, MPhil Medieval History 2011-12, PhD Legal History 2012-16).


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  • J.W. Sampson, 'Revisiting D.' in Paul du Plessis (ed), Wrongful Damage to Property in Roman Law: British Perspectives (Edinburgh University Press 2018)
    ISBN: 9781474434461
  • J.W. Sampson, The Historical Foundations of Grotius' Analysis of Delict (Brill 2017)
    ISBN: 978-90-04-34437-2

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