Kira Allmann is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Media Law and Policy at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies. Her current research focuses on digital inequality — how the ubiquitous digitization of our everyday lives is leaving people behind and what people are doing to fix it at a grassroots level. As the internet becomes increasingly essential to the fulfillment of a well-rounded human life, exclusion from the internet due to lack of access or literacy exacerbates other forms of gender-based, racial, geographic, and socio-economic marginalization and disenfranchisement. As an anthropologist, Kira uses ethnographic methods with people who are closing the digital divide from the bottom up, in their communities. She runs two research projects: (1) understanding the human geography of community networks (internet networks owned and operated by local communities) and (2) examining the role of public libraries in providing free digital services. Her work aims at developing more human-centered approaches to and policies for access to technology. 

Kira is also the Communications Director at the Oxford Human Rights Hub and a research partner of the Whose Knowledge? campaign, which works to center the knowledge of marginalized communities on the web and raise awareness of the digital exclusions that keep the majority of the world from participating fully in digital knowledge creation and curation.

She completed her DPhil at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, where her dissertation focused on how mobility between online and offline spaces constituted a practice of resistance during and after the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Between 2011 and 2015, Kira conducted ethnographic research in Egypt, blending online and offline qualitative methods, to investigate how the use of digital technologies by Egyptian youth were transforming virtual and physical spaces in the city of Cairo. 


DPhil, Oriental Studies (Islamic World), University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

MPhil (with Distinction), Modern Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

BA, Government and Linguistics, The College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA

Twitter: @KiraAllmann



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S. Fredman, S. Atrey, K Allmann and M. Campbell, Gender Equality and COVID-19 (Submission to the UK Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights 2020)

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K Allmann, 'Mobile Revolution: Toward a History of Technology, Telephony and Political Activism in Egypt' (2015) CyberOrient
This article examines the use of everyday mobile technologies, and mobile telephony in particular, in political activism and protest during the 2011 Egyptian uprisings and throughout its continuing aftermath. The Arab revolutions have their own, now familiar, nomenclature, derived from the semantics of revolution and the digital age. Much of the language used to describe and analyze events in the Middle East has emphasized the “newness” of the technologies of protest and coordination and the uniquely 2.0 characteristics of these political movements. This article confronts this narrative, exploring the role of mobile telephony in Egypt during an ongoing period of political upheaval by moving away from the question of what is “new” or “revolutionary” toward what is ordinary put toward revolutionary ends. The article argues that the Arab Spring presents a crucial opportunity to interrogate and deconstruct the hybrid ecology of people and technological tools. By exploring several specific ways in which mobile telephony has played a role in the Egyptian revolution, this article demonstrates how a fixation on newness not only tells an incomplete story of this technologically mediated revolution but also undermines the ongoing practices of historicizing it.


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Research Interests

  • Community internet networks
  • Autonomous infrastructure
  • Human rights in the information society
  • Environmental impact of digital technologies
  • Political economy of information and communication technologies (especially in the Middle East and North Africa)
  • Class and mobility between the online and the offline (especially in the Middle East and North Africa)
  • 2011 Egyptian revolution and counter-revolution

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17 Nov 2020

Tuesday - 4:00PM

PCMLP Global Media Policy Seminar Series | Technology Does Not Operate in a Vacuum: Experimental Insights into the Impact of Women’s Mobile Phone Ownership on Economic Well-being in Tanzania


Philip Roessler

Speaker Affiliation

The College of William and Mary


Zoom (Registration required)

10 Nov 2020

Tuesday - 4:00PM

PCMLP Global Media Policy Seminar Series | When good is the enemy of great: Rural broadband in a time of COVID


Christopher Ali

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University of Virginia


Zoom (Registration required)

03 Nov 2020

Tuesday - 2:00PM

PCMLP Global Media Policy Seminar Series | We have seen the enemy...and he is us: When engineering culture collides with human rights advocacy online


Corinne Cath-Speth

Speaker Affiliation

University of Oxford


Zoom - Register for the link

14 May 2020

Thursday - 2:00PM

PCMLP Global Media Seminar Series: “Freedom of Expression & the Weaponization of Information” (with Antonina Cherevko, Adviser, International Media Support)


Antonina Cherevko

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International Media Support


Zoom Webinar

17 Mar 2020

Tuesday - 10:00AM

PCMLP Global Seminar Series with Ritu Srivastava (Jadeite Solutions, India)


Ritu Srivastava

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Jadeite Solutions


Zoom webinar:

09 Mar 2020

Monday - 2:00PM

PCMLP Global Seminar Series: Professor Jessa Lingel on 'The craigslist ethic: A web 1.0 vision of online democracy'


Jessa Lingel

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University of Pennsylvania


Zoom Webinar:

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