Konstantina is a Stipendiary Lecturer in Constitutional law (Mansfield College) and a Lecturer in EU law (St Catherine's College).  

Konstantina holds a DPhil in Law from the University of Oxford. Her research focused on EU law, examining the interrelation of the latter with international treaties concluded by the EU Member States inter se, under the supervision of Professor Pavlos Eleftheriadis.

Konstantina also holds an LL.B. (Distinction; Scholarship for academic excellence by the University of Athens A. Papadakis Trust), an LL.M. in Public Law (Distinction) and an LL.M. in Civil Law (Distinction) from the University of Athens. She has also obtained an LL.M. in Commercial Law from the University of Cambridge (supported by the A.S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation) and an M.St. in Legal Research from the University of Oxford (as a scholar of the University of Athens A. Gazis Trust). 

Konstantina is a qualified lawyer and a member of the Athens Bar Association. Prior to her DPhil studies, she practiced public law, project finance and public procurement in top-tier law firms in Athens, Greece. In addition, she worked as a research assistant at the School of Management and Business of King's College London, conducting research on the prospects of a new employment relations and labour market model for Greece. In 2017, she was a scientific collaborator of the European Public Law Organisation, responsible for the codification of all existing legislation falling within the regulatory competence of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism.  

Currently, Konstantina is a member of the Transnational Alliance Steering Group of the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution of King's College London, whereas she was previously a Graduate Teaching Assistant in EU law at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford (2019-2020), an Editor of the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal (2018-2020) and a member of the (then) Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law (2015-2016).


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K. Georgaki, 'Case P.L. Holdings S.a.r.l. v Poland, Decision of 22.02.2019, Svea Court of Appeal (in Greek)' (2019) Arbitration & Mediation 272 [Case Note]

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K. Georgaki, 'The EU’s Competence over Cross-Border Investment in the Post-Lisbon Era' (2018) 1 European Politeia (Ten Years since the Lisbon Treaty) 125
K. Georgaki, 'Constitutional Aspects of the Greek Act on the Penalisation of Money Laundering (in Greek)' (2017) To Syntagma 495
K. Georgaki and M. Makris, 'The First Preliminary Reference Submitted to the European Court of Justice by the German Federal Constitutional Court on the Compatibility of the European Central Bank's Outright Monetary Transactions Programme (in Greek)' (2015) 5th and 6th Common Seminar on Constitutional Law 267

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EU Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Public International Law

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European Union Law, Constitutional Law (Senior Status)

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