Lady Josephine Bloggs



This is the 'note' of the profile page, and looks like an introduction banner.  It appears below the biog box on the CMS, but above the biog box - switch around on the CMS please.  (Looks like a new feature - is it?.)



This is the 'body' of the page builder and comes out as the biog.  But this whole section disappears if you don't fill it in, so that seems to work properly. 

It pops up in the top right menu too - what's the point of that?

Position Description

This is the description of the job, to be added by the Line Manager.  Josephine should not edit this text (or the job title)

It is held, along with many items under the 'Migration' section heading. This will clearly be a confusing and unhelpful misnomer on the live site, as much relevant content is held here, including the very important 'classification' field. I think it should be renamed 'Additional Admin info' or similar.

What is an accordion?

I thought it was an instrument but it could perhaps be the place we add the positon decription for staff.  It doesn't spot typos though.

No idea why that red 'important' banner is showing below.
(Neither do I. SA.)

(PS. We'll need to get used to not using two carriage returns between paras)