• M.A. (Philosophy of Law), Leiden University, 2014
  • LL.M. (International Human Rights Law), Shahid Beheshti University, 2011
  • LL.B. (Civil Law and Jurisprudence), University of Tehran, 2008

Leila joined the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in 2015. Her research, under the supervision of Dr. Marina Kurkchiyan, focuses on understanding the notion of democracy from the standpoint of the refugee. She aims to investigate the possible tensions within human rights law concerning the conception of democracy while being approached from the perspective of the refugee. 

Prior to joining the CSLS, Leila completed her M.A. in philosophy of law at Leiden University Institute for Philosophy, for which she was awarded Leiden University’s Excellence Platinum Scholarship. Leila has an extensive experience of working as researcher for academic and human rights institutes, including Leiden University, Johns Hopkins University, MSI, and the UNESCO chair for human rights, peace and democracy.

Leila’s areas of research interest are human rights theory, critical legal studies, nation-state and theories of democracy, social and political theory, and refugee studies. 



Research projects