I am researching the dynamics of domestic abuse and how these influence the police approach to intimate partner violence. I will be conducting empirical research using a mixed methods approach to analyse quantitative and qualitative data collected and to conduct interviews with individuals who play a key role in the criminal justice system. I am hoping that this work will have a beneficial impact on policies and legislation which are currently being revised.

As the Graduate Development Scholar for St Anne's college, Oxford, I am teaching Jurisprudence to secind year undergraduates and am involved in administration and organisation of college teaching. I have also taught Criminal Law to first year undergraduates through Opportunity Oxford.

Outside of academia, I enjoy volunteering for charities (including Beat UK and Crisis) to help extend the services and assistance available for domestic violence victims, improve treatment and support for sufferers of eating disorders and their families and to reduce homelessness. I also work with Oxford University, schools and organisations to help increase access to Universities for students from underrepresented backgrounds. I enjoy mooting and have participated in many competitions, from intercollegiate to national and international level. In my spare time I enjoy reading, spending time with friends and pets and writing poems, several of which have been published in University magazines.

Having graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Jurisprudence, I opted to study the MPhil in Criminological Research at the University of Cambridge, before returning to Oxford to commence a DPhil in Criminology.


Research Interests

I enjoy researching the topics of Family and Criminal Law, especially family violence and the wider implications of domestic abuse. I am also interested in the fields of Trusts and Land Law, and their ramifications on Family Law.

Sentencing is a very interesting research area for me and I am currently a member of the newly founded Empirical Research on Sentencing council. I am also intrigued by debates concerning feminist theories and have completed an in-depth research project into how feminist research has changed and impacted Criminology over the past 30 years for Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Director of the Cambridge Institute of Criminology.

Research projects