Luke Svasti joined the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in 2017 and is currently reading for an DPhil in Socio-Legal Research. Currently advised by Professor Dr Bettina Lange, Luke's work looks at the impact of socioeconomic privilege on interactions and decision making processes within deviant organizations--specifically within the Finance industry. Previously, Luke has worked on topics in constitutional law, family sociology, organizational sociology and state legislation.

Prior to his involvement in the Center, Luke graduated from Rutgers, New Brunswick, Summa Cum Laude and a SAS honors scholar majoring in Political Science and minoring in Labor Studies. Luke was also an Eagleton Institute of Politics undergraduate associate and a student activist on the board of directors at the United States Students Association and student government. Luke also holds an MA from Columbia University in Sociology. His MA thesis, titled: 'Across the Table', was advised by Professor Jonathan Rieder and Professor Denise Milstein. The thesis looked at how political differences within families were navigated in the context of the 2016-2017 US presidential elections. Other work undertaken by Luke while at Columbia looked at the organizational characteristics and resilency of Native American Tribes, specifically the Potawatomi in the context of the Trail of Death. Luke enjoys teaching, and intends on an academic career post-graduation, while also being able to actively campaign against student debt issues.

In his free time, Luke enjoys cooking and playing with his cat, Cous Cous, who has supported him for the past three years.

Research Interests

Organizational Sociology, Political Sociology, Organizational Deviance, Historical Sociology, Constitutional Law, Public Law, American Politics

Research projects