Lyndon is undertaking DPhil research into sentencing, focussing upon consistency and the use of sentencing guidelines, supervised by Professor Julian Roberts and Professor Andrew Ashworth QC.

Having graduated from Lancaster with an undergraduate degree in law, he trained as a barrister. Upon being called to the Bar (Gray’s Inn) he began specialising in sentencing law, accepting a position as the editor of the practitioner-textbook, Banks on Sentence. In 2014, Lyndon accepted an invitation by Sweet and Maxwell to take on its sentencing portfolio formerly the brain-child of the late Dr David Thomas QC. As such, Lyndon is the editor of Current Sentencing Practice (a practitioner-text), the author of Thomas’ Sentencing Referencer (a concise A-Z guide), and the editor of the Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) (the law reports), assisted by Nicola Padfield (University of Cambridge) who acts as consultant editor. Additionally, Lyndon co-edits the sentencing newsletter “Sentencing News” with Professor Julian Robert (University of Oxford) and authors case comments on a monthly basis in the Criminal Law Review.

Lyndon sits on the board of Halsbury’s Law Exchange, an independent, politically neutral, legal think tank concerned with law reform in the context of the promotion of the rule of law.

Lyndon has recently assisted the Law Commission in its sentencing codification project; he was tasked with providing a comprehensive statement of all of the primary law of sentencing pertaining to England and Wales. The document - the Law Commission’s largest ever publication at over 1300 pages - was published as a consultation document in October 2015.

With Felicity Gerry QC (Charles Darwin University), Lyndon is producing a policy paper for Halsbury’s Law Exchange on the topic of women in prison, due to publish in 2016. The paper follows up a discussion paper (2014). The paper was launched at panel discussion event in London with discussants including former Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, Jenny Earle, Director of the Prison Reform Trust’s Programme to Reduce Women’s Imprisonment and Lord Ramsbotham, former HM Chief Inspector of Prisons.

Lyndon blogs at - a site set up in 2012 with two barristers. The blog explains aspects of the criminal law to the public and was set up following a conversation about poor and inaccurate law reporting in the mainstream press. 


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Research Interests

Sentencing, criminal law, criminal justice, female offenders, prison,

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