Maame Mensa-Bonsu


Maame holds a BA in Theatre Arts and Spanish with First Class Honours, and an LLB, also with First Class Honours, from the University of Ghana. She completed the BCL with distinction in 2014. Before beginning the DPhil in 2017, Maame was the Programme Coordinator for the Law Department and lecturer in Constitutional and Criminal Law at Lancaster University’s Ghana campus in Accra. She also worked as a technical advisor to an arbitration tribunal at the Ghana Arbitration Centre. Maame is a member of the Ghana Bar Association.

Her research interests centre on applying the contemporary constitutional theory discourse to the Ghanaian experience.  In particular, she focuses on evaluating the institutional design and operations of state organs under Ghana’s 1992 Constitution. She has written on judicial review, discretionary powers, executive authority, natural justice and separation of powers.

Her doctoral research focuses on the constitutional tensions between postcolonial nation-states and the tribal legal orders within their borders. She explores how legal pluralism can be used to resolve or circumvent these tensions and effectively coordinate community action. While her focus is Ghana, Maame is also interested in how other African nations are dealing with these issues.

Her research is part-funded by the Programme for the Foundations of Law & Constitutional Government.