Dr Mai Sato works as Lecturer at the University of Reading in the School of Law. She is also a Research Collaborator at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, Birkbeck, University of London. 

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  • M Sato and H Kury, 'Bewährungshilfe - Die Rolle der Freiwilligen Ein Vergleich zwischen Deutchland und Japan' in (ed), Kriminologie - Kriminalpolitik - Strafrecht (Mohr Siebeck 2014)
    ISBN: 978-3-16-152216-1
  • M Sato, The Death Penalty in Japan: Will the public tolerate abolition? (Springer 2014)
  • M Sato, 'Trust in justice: testing procedural justice theory in Japan and UK' (2014) 33 Kyosei Koza (Correctional Journal) 27
  • M Sato, 'What role for nuclear power in Japan after Fukushima? A human security perspective' in P Bacon, C Hobson (ed), Human Security and Japan's Triple Disaster (Routledge 2014)
    ISBN: 978-1-138-01313-1
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  • M Sato, 'Auf dem Prüfstein: Die Umgangsweise der japanischen Regierung mit der Todesstrafe' (2012) 95 Monatsschrift für Kriminologie 363
  • M Sato and M Hough, Introduction (Helsinki: European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, HEUNI 2011)
  • M Sato and A Fukui, 'Shikei wo meguru ?yoron? to ?yoron?: shingigata ishikichosa no kekka kara (?Public opinion? to ?public judgement?: findings from the deliberative consultation on the death penalty)' in M Kimura, T Honjo (ed), Shikei to mukiau saiban-in no tameni (Lay-judges and the death penalty) (Gendai Jinbunsha 2011)
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  • M Sato and M Hough, Why measure trust in justice? (Helsinki: European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, HEUNI 2011)
  • M Sato, 'Saibanin wa shikei hanketsu wo tekisetsu ni okonaeruka? Shikei ni taisuru taido to chishiki (Can lay-judges make decisions on death penalty cases? Public attitudes and knowledge)' (2010) 62 Kikan Keiji Bengo (Quarterly Keiji Bengo) 121
  • M Sato, 'Public opinion and the death penalty in Japan' (2008) 4 Occasional Papers Series
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  • M Sato, 'Shihou Rippou ha Yoron to Donoyouni Mukiau Bekika (Public Opinion: the Judiciary and the Legislature)' (2007) 152 Hanzai ro Hikou (Journal of Crime and Delinquency) 156

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