Gosia's postdoctoral research contributes to a collaborative ESRC-funded project ‘Place, crime and insecurity in everyday life. A contemporary study of an English town’, where with the team of researchers from Keele University, Oxford University, the University of Edinburgh and University College London, she explores forms of communicating and experiencing safety in Macclesfield, UK. The project examines diverse ways in which people understand and act upon in/secure surroundings in their everyday lives outside the metropolitan England, how they relate to the place and the law enforcement authorities. 

She holds a PhD in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response from the University of Manchester. Her doctoral study examined everyday forms of navigating criminal violence in a locality in Mexico, where she conducted an extensive research in field. The main focus was on creative forms in which people persist with the possibility of violence in their everyday lives, as well as ways to inform their survival strategies. Prior to that she used to work, teach and research in Mexico, among others as a consultant for the UN and Freedom House. 


Research Interests

Gosia’s research speaks to the fields of security studies and social anthropology, as well as feminist IR and peace and conflict studies. She is interested in how people experience and communicate within the context of in/security in their everyday lives. Her focus is on experimental participative methods that challenge the usual researcher vs. informant relationship within the ethnographic practice.

Research projects