Marc Schulman is an M.St. Legal Research Candidate, Commonwealth Scholar (United Kingdom) and National Research Foundation Scholar (South Africa), at the University of Oxford's Faculty of Law. He holds LLB and LLM degrees Cum Laude, from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Marc joined the Law Faculty's student body after practicing as a Candidate Attorney for eighteen months in one of the largest law firms in Africa, Bowman Gilfillan Inc. At Bowman Gilfillan he acquired specialist corporate law experience in the fields of Corporate Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions and Antitrust Law.

Marc's research interests lie primarily in the field of Medical Law and Ethics with particular focus on ectogenic technologies, foetal interests and human reproductive autonomy. His LLM Dissertation focused on constructing a viable legal framework for the criminalisation of non-consensual foetal destruction in South African law. The Dissertation focused exclusively on human gestation in the context of positive maternal intention. His focus in his M.St. Thesis is on artificial human gestation in the context of a unisexual approach to human reproductive autonomy. He is particularly interested in attempting to reconcile the interests of organically gestated foetuses and artificially gestated foetuses by arguing that the foetus needs to be viewed in the context of its gestational environment as opposed to a biological entity in a single form.

Marc has worked as a Judge's Clerk in the South African High Court and has extensive experience in legal research and editing. Marc has worked as a research assistant for an academic affiliated to the International Centre for Ethics, Justice and Public Life at Brandeis University in Boston Massachusetts. Marc also worked as a student editor for the South African Journal on Human Rights and edited a Constitutional Law Casebook that was published in South Africa in 2012. He has worked at the University of the Witwatersrand Law Clinic in its Refugee Law Unit and volunteered as a legal assistant at the Domestic Violence Helpdesk in a Johannesburg Magistrates' Court.

In 2002 Marc completed a Certificate Course at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (University of Pretoria, South Africa) in their Programme for Management Development, which focused on business leadership, management skills and general business studies and practices. Marc has worked in the private business sector in South Africa for many years, primarily in the real estate industry. He owned and managed a successful Real Estate Company in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg for five years before embarking on his legal career.


Position Description

M.St. Legal Research Candidate 2015-16


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Research Interests

Medical Law & Ethics, Ectogenic Technologies, Foetal Interests & Rights, Unisexual Reproductive Autonomy and Gender Neutral Moral & Ethical Philosophy & Jurisprudence.

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