Position Description

The Learning Technologist post is shared 50-50 with Economics.  Maria will generally be available to Law Faculty staff on weekday mornings.  The role includes:

Supporting Users

1. Primary contact point for the academic staff and support staff with queries over the use of learning technologies.
2. Leading discussions with course convenors and other academic staff in reviewing their requirements for using technology effectively.
3. Writing and designing training materials and user guides, adapting existing or externally sourced materials where appropriate, and give induction sessions and training workshops.
4. Coaching individual faculty and staff in the use of relevant learning technologies and software, including virtual whiteboards, PDF annotation software, Zoom, Teams, Canvas, and Panopto, and to organise and lead Zoom and Teams walkthroughs and practice sessions for lecturers and classroom facilitators.

Supporting the Delivery of Teaching

5. Supporting the use of teaching and learning technologies to faculty and staff, particularly for tutorials, classes, lectures, and seminars.
6. Providing advice and training on how to use virtual whiteboards, PDF annotation software, and other online teaching tools relevant to teaching in Law.
7. Keeping the key stakeholders informed of best practices for online teaching, specific to the software and services used by academic and support staff.

Developing the Use of Technology

8. Developing workflows and guides for pre-recording lectures and the enhancement of pre-recorded materials through Q&A sessions, etc.
9. Acting as a professional link between academic staff and the Centre for Teaching and Learning, ITSG, and other teams throughout the University, particularly with regard to the development of the VLE and Learning Technology platform(s).

Hours of Work
Law Faculty (Mon to Fri 8.45-12.30)
Dept of Economics (Mon to Fri 1.30-5.15)

Research projects