My DPhil research is on image-based sexual abuse (commonly known as ‘revenge pornography’ or ‘non-consensual pornography’). My main aim is to determine the nature of the wrong of image-based sexual abuse, to which end I consider criminalisation theory, gender-based violence, acts in private vs acts in public and the role of consent. I am supervised by Jonathan Herring.

I started working on this issue in 2014 when I wrote my first Master’s thesis in Jurisprudence on the status of criminalisation of ‘revenge pornography’ in Dutch criminal law. I went on to write a second Master’s thesis in Philosophy on the issue, in which I made a conceptual analysis of image-based sexual abuse.

Before I came to Oxford for my DPhil I taught law at Leiden University (the Netherlands) where I had studied law and philosophy and obtained master’s degrees in Jurisprudence (LL.M), Philosophy (MA) and Public International Law (LL.M).

I keep a website on which I occasionally publish my thoughts on image-based sexual abuse:


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  • MLR Goudsmit, 'Criminalising Image-Based Sexual Abuse: an Analysis of the Dutch Law Against 'Revenge Pornography'' (2019) 68 Ars Aequi 442
    This article defines image-based sexual abuse, rejects the term ‘revenge pornography’ and analyses the Dutch bill of article 139h Sr intended to criminalise image-based sexual abuse. Issues regarding the intention of the perpetrator, victim-blaming and the sexual breach of privacy are reviewed in connection to the likely fairness and effectiveness of the bill.
    ISBN: 0004-2870

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Image-Based Sexual Abuse ('Revenge Pornography' / 'Non-Consensual Pornography')

Sexual Offence Legislation 

Discrimination / Equality regulations

Feminist Theory 

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Medical Law and Ethics (FHS)

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