Matilde joined the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in 2011 and is currently reading for a DPhil in Socio-Legal studies. Her project will focus on issues of international criminal law and post-conflict justice. In particular she is interested in investigating how the activity of different international criminal tribunals, both as prosecuting and monitoring agencies, can affect current conflict and post-conflict situations, particularly for those actors directly involved in the justice process.

Prior to joining the CSLS in 2011, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Economic Performance (LSE), investigating management practices in the education, health and manufacturing sectors in Italy, Mexico, Argentina and the US. Further, she worked as an intern for the British Red Cross (London) in their fundraising strategy and disaster response teams and for the charity Release (London) working on issues of law and human rights in the Latin American ‘war on drugs’ context.

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International Criminal Law and its courts; International Humanitarian Law; Transitional Justice

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