Maureen O'Neill

Director of Development

Position Description

Room 111

  • Establishing, maintaining and developing the Faculty’s relationships with its benefactors, alumni and students to mutual interest and benefit
  • Fundraising for the Faculty’s major projects
  • Writing and implementing the development strategy to secure up to 12% of the operational funding of the Oxford Law Faculty. Working with the Dean, and the various Faculty, Development, Divisional and University committees, working to and communicating a common vision of Development as a key part of the Law Faculty
    From the current and future needs of the Law Faculty,
  • Identifying fundraising targets appropriate to the Law Faculty’s key projects, devising project proposals and new forms of participation with the Law Faculty for potential funders and alumni (e.g. CPD, events).
  • Stewardship of funder relationships, keeping them informed of the progress of their funded projects with quarterly electronic updates; inviting funders to relevant University and Faculty events (e.g. boat race, Clarendon Lectures, Encaenia, Campaign dinners and events, etc.);
  • Coordinating career events, in collaboration with Career Services, to provide profile for corporate funders;
  • Establishing links with benefactors, law faculty and students for mutual exchange (e.g. invitations to seminars and conferences, conducting international alumni events in corporate benefactors facilities, identifying links for interaction with students through dinners and events).
  • Liaising with college and university development teams, in order to integrate development initiatives;
  • Coordinating development events including careers (with Careers Service)
  • Oversight of annual Law News

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