Faculty of Law

St. Cross Building,
St. Cross Road
Oxford OX1 3UL


+44 (0) 1865 281796

Position Description

Michael is the Events, Careers and Alumni Officer for the MSc in Law and Finance (MLF) at the Law Faculty. He has primary responsibility for organising MLF alumni and other related events; maintaining a strong relationship with our alumni; and providing career support services for incoming, current and former MLF students.


  • Responsible for the organisation of the event programme for the MLF, as well as providing administrative support for the Faculty’s law and finance workshops and conferences.
  • Provides administrative support for the MLF Advisory Board.


  • Oversees and arranges communications with MLF students about their careers, working with both the central University Careers Service and the Careers Development team based at the Saïd Business School.
  • Responsible for the MLF mentoring scheme.
  • Responsible for the annual MLF profile book.

Alumni Relations

  • Plans and oversees a series of MLF alumni events and communications throughout the year.
  • Responsible for the preparation of the MLF eBulletin.

Research programmes

Research projects