Dr Michael Veale completed his EPSRC-funded PhD in responsible public sector machine learning at University College London, specialising in the fairness and accountability of data-driven tools in the public sector, as well as the interplay between data-centric technologies and data protection law. His research and publications sit broadly across technology and privacy law, human-computer interaction, computer science and science-policy. His research in these areas has been used by international agencies, regulators and governments, picked up in the media, and debated in Parliament. 

Dr Veale sits on the Advisory Council of the Open Rights Group and is a visiting scholar at Cumberland Lodge. He has acted as consultant on machine learning and society for the World Bank, the Royal Society and the British Academy and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, and previously worked on IoT, health and ageing at the European Commission. He tweets at @mikarv  An up-to-date list of publications can be found at

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