Nicolas Kyriakides is reading for a DPhil in Law at University College, Oxford under the supervision of Professor Adrian Zuckerman. His research focuses on provisional and protective measures with extraterritorial effect. He holds an LL.B. from the University of Athens, an LL.M. from UCL, and an LL.M. from NYU. He has obtained practical experience working for a law firm in Cyprus.


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  • Kyriakides, 'Civil procedure reform in Cyprus: looking to England and beyond' in (ed), (Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal 2017)
  • Kyriakides, 'Contempt of court as a sanction for non‐compliance with EU‐wide court orders' in C D Spinellis and others (eds), Europe in Crisis: Crime, Criminal Justice, and the Way Forward (A Sakoulas 2017)
  • Kyriakides and Kyriakides, 'Chapter 7: Cyprus' in J C Jorgensen (ed), Finding, Freezing and Attaching Assets: A Multi-Jurisdictional Handbook (Kluwer Law International 2016)
  • Kyriakides, 'European Account Preservation Order: What does the common Law tradition have to say?' in S Francq and M Gardeñes Santiago (eds), Boundaries of European Private International Law (Bruylant 2015)
  • Kyriakides, 'A European-wide preservation order: how the common law practice can contribute' (2014) 33(1) Civil Justice Quarterly 93
  • Kyriakides, 'The United Kingdom's stance to the recently introduced European Account Preservation Order' (2014) 33(4) Civil Justice Quarterly 375
  • Kyriakides, 'An economic analysis of the European Commission’s proposal for a European-wide preservation order' (2013) 3(4) Risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions 45


Research Interests

Civil Procedure; European Union Law; Comparative Law

Research projects