Nina Thorkelsdottir joined the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies as an MPhil student in Michaelmas 2020. She is supervised by Professor Marina Kurkchiyan. In her research, Nina will be focussing on the role of information and communication technologies  in asylum processes in Iceland. She is particularly interested in the ways technology shapes legal participation and affects access to justice.

Prior to joining the CSLS, Nina completed a Bachelor's degrees in Law and Anthropology at the University of Iceland. She holds a Master‘s degree in Editorship and Publishing from the same university and a B.mus degree in music from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Alongside her studies, Nina worked as a journalist and editor in her native country of Iceland. She is one of the founding members of Réttvís, an initiative that aims to provide education on legal matters and civil rights through public outreach.

Research projects