Noah Wescombe is currently an MPhil Candidate at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, where his focus is on Legal Personhood for Hydrological Objects and Smart Water Regulation. He received his Bachelors in Social Policy from the University of Bristol with a specialism in Social Hydrology, winning the Best Dissertation Prize. He was also a recipient of the Ede and Ravenscoft Prize from the Faculty Dean for contribution to the academic community. He founded the Bristol Policy Review in 2018. At the Univeristy of Oxford, he is the Environmental Officer for St Catherine's College's graduate community and a Fellow of Effective Altruism Oxford.

Noah has published in the fields of Sociology and Communication Studies, and recently presented working papers at the Political Studies Association Annual International Conference 2019 as an affiliate of the Schumacher Institute. He also has professional experience working at the intersection between law, policy, and technology, having led projects at a Deep Tech firm while still an undergraduate. His work has ranged from a consulting specialism in Blockchain theory and applications, to research on AI and Robotics for environmental science and policy.


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Research Interests

  • Environmental Law and Policy 
  • Legal Informatics
  • Social Hydrology
  • Ecological Economics
  • Jurisprudence
  • Contract Law
  • Political Theory
  • Sociology
  • Communication Studies.

Research projects