Paulina holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) double degree. She is an Australian lawyer. She worked in commercial litigation, and then became an associate at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Paulina is currently reading for the Master of Studies in Legal Research. Her project concerns the role of prospective and contingent creditors under deeds of company arrangement ('DOCAs') in Australia and company voluntary arrangements ('CVAs') in England.


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  • Paulina Fishman, 'Statutory Misinterpretation: Rash Holding in Brash Holdings?' (2017) 45 Federal Law Review 199
  • Paulina Fishman, 'Section 51(xxxi): A “Constitutional Guarantee” to Disappoint Property Owners' (2016) 6 Property Law Review 27
  • Paulina Fishman, 'Corporate Sureties Surely Risky' (2015) 23 Insolvency Law Journal 136 [Case Note]
  • Paulina Fishman, 'An Unacceptable Wait for Acceptance' (2014) 30 Building and Construction Law Journal 372
  • Paulina Fishman, 'Australian Competition Law Still Trips over Barriers to Entry' (2013) 21 Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law 89
  • Paulina Fishman, 'Pet Peeves with Compulsion in Pampered Paws (No 10)' (2012) 20 Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law 263 [Case Note]


Research Interests

  • Insolvency law
  • Competition law
  • Company law
  • Property law

Research projects