Pedro Fortes is a Professor of Law at FGV Law School (Rio de Janeiro) and a state public prosecutor (on leave). He holds a LLB from UFRJ, a BA in Business from PUC-Rio, a MBE in Environmental Sciences from COPPE-UFRJ, a LLM from Harvard, a JSM from Stanford and is currently reading for a DPhil at Oxford under the supervision of Professor Denis Galligan.

Pedro has been a Visiting Professor at WB NUJS (India), a Visiting Scholar at the Goethe Universität (Germany) and a Visiting Researcher at the Max Planck Institute (Germany). Among his academic honours, he was selected for the IV IJFF (2011), nominated for the Podgórecki Prize (2014), and received teaching awards by classes of 04, 05, and 11. A former Attorney of the Brazilian Central Bank, Pedro has published his work in English, Portuguese, and German, gave more than 100 interviews on Brazilian legal issues and was heard as a legal expert at the State Assembly of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian Federal Congress.

At Oxford, he convenes the Law and Public Affairs Discussion Group, teaches Comparative Constitutional Law at the Stanford Programme in Oxford, organises the UCL-Oxford Graduate Conference on Latin American Law and Policy, and is regularly an ad-hoc researcher for the Oxford Pro Bono Publico.


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  • Rubim Borges Fortes, Formação da advocacia contemporânea (FGV 2015)
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Research Interests

Socio-Legal Studies; Jurisprudence; Collective Redress; Civil Procedure; Constitutional Theory; Comparative Law; Human Rights; Consumer Law; Environmental Law; legal education.

Research projects