I am a lawyer qualified in India, Hong Kong and England and Wales.  I was trained initially as a litigator in India. I practised intellectual property law in Hong Kong for about 10 years, before moving towards academia.  My undergraduate degree is from National Law School of India University and I hold an LLM from SOAS, University of London. I have co-edited the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, and co-convene Intellectual Property Discussion Group. I am also the Faculty's Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for land law for 2015-16. 


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  • Mysoor, 'Protecting the Unprotected Database' (2015) 131 Law Quarterly Review 557 [Case Note]
  • Mysoor, 'A Pirate Too Needs to be Heard: Procedural Compromises in Online Copyright Infringement Cases in the UK' (2014) 3 Laws 553
  • Mysoor, 'Of Bollywood Songs, Film Producers and Collecting Societies: Locating the Rights of the Composers' (2014) 10 Indian Journal of Law and Technology 60
  • Mysoor, Seamless Sharing in Seemingly Divided World: A Glimpse of the Challenges Faced by Creative Commons, paper presented at Opensym, Hong Kong
  • Mysoor, 'Unpacking the Right of Communication to the Public: A Closer Look at International and EU Copyright Law' [2013] IPQ 166
  • Mysoor, Implied Licences in Copyright Law: Some Issues of Copyright Infringement on the Internet, paper presented at Fourth Annual Cross Strait Copyright Conference, Hong Kong



Research Interests

Intellectual property law; Copyright law; Contract law; Property law

Research projects