Dr Guevara Diaz is an interdisciplinary researcher in Social Sciences, and was, between October 2015 and July 2016, affiliated to the University of Westminster, London on a programme called “Mentoring Lecturers in the Higher Education and Lifelong Learning Sector.”

He holds a doctoral degree in Political Science (2011) from the University Hamburg (Germany), an MA in Political science (major), Public Law and English Language and Literature (minors) (2006), from the GSI LMU Munich, the Universities of Potsdam, London, Greifswald and Hamburg; a doctoral certificate in Identity Politics (2005), University of Oslo, Norway; a LLM in International Economic Law (2012), Birkbeck School of Law-University of London; and a PGDE in Education (2016), Westminster, London.

From 5 September 2016, he will be affiliated to the Centre for Commercial Law, Queen Mary (University of London).


Research Interests

In Politics, his research expertise and interests lie mainly in Political Thought/Ideas, History of Political and Social Thought/Ideas, Identity (ethnic and nationalist) Politics, European Politics, as well as Theory of international Politics. In the subfield of Law,  he is particularly interested in Public Law (German), International Economic Law, International Law of Development, International Trade and WTO Law, International Financial Law, Foreign Investment Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law and the Environment, and International Human Rights Law. In addition, he is also keen about Jurisprudential debates.

During his visit to the CSLS, Dr Guevara Diaz will be working on a research Project entitled "The Effects of Globalisation of Land Markets and International Law on the Institutions of Indigenous Cultures in the Great Nile Valley Region." The aim of this project is to critically examine what role local/national culture systems could play in transforming the existing international law at the base of the contemporary Global Economic Order.

Research projects