Dr Rodrigo Momberg Uribe graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Law with Honours from the Universidad Austral of Chile and afterwards he was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Chile. Since then he has worked as an attorney at law and a legal adviser, mainly in Civil and Commercial Law before the Chilean courts. In 2002 he received a Master of Laws in European Private Law from Utrecht University.

From 2002 onwards he has been an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Austral of Chile and from July 2005 until February 2008 he was appointed as Secretary General of the same University.

In 2007 he was awarded with the Prince Bernhard Scholarship by the Foundation "The Spanish, Portuguese and Ibero-American Institute". On February 2008 he joined the Molengraaff Institute of Private Law at Utrecht University as a PhD researcher and in May 2011 he defended his doctoral thesis on "The effect of a change of circumstances on the binding force of contracts". In 2011 he received the first prize in the Clive M. Schmitthoff Essay Competition, awarded by the Pace Law School’s Institute of Commercial International Commercial Law together with Queen Mary University of London’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies. Rodrigo Momberg has published in the field of consumer, contract and European private law.

Dr Momberg Uribe is also a Supernumerary Fellow in Law at Brasenose College, Oxford.


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  • Momberg Uribe, The effect of a change of circumstances on the binding force of contracts. Comparative perspectives (Intersentia 2011)
  • Momberg Uribe, 'Change of Circumstances in International Instruments of Contract Law: The Approach of the CISG, the PICC, the PECL and the DCFR' (2011) 15 Vindobona Journal of International Commercial Law and Arbitration 233
    Winner of the Clive M. Schmitthoff Essay Competition, awarded by the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London and the Institute of International Commercial Law, Pace University School of Law
    ISBN: 1439-9741
  • Momberg Uribe, The Effect of a Change of Circumstances on the Binding Force of Contracts: Comparative Perspectives (Intersentia 2011)
    ISBN: 978-1-78068-005-7
  • Momberg Uribe, 'Teoría de la imprevisión: la necesidad de su regulación legal en Chile' (2010) Revista Chilena de Derecho Privado
  • Momberg Uribe, 'Unexpected circumstances and the duty to renegotiate' in I. Samoy (ed), Evolutie van de basisbeginselen van het contractenrecht (Intersentia 2010)
  • Momberg Uribe, 'Unexpected Circumstances and the Duty to Renegotiate' in (ed), Evolutie van de Basisbeginselen van het Contractenrecht (Intersentia 2010)
    ISBN: 978-94-000-0129-9



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