Samuel Lamsdale

MPhil Law

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Hertford College


Samuel is an MPhil student at the Faculty of Law under the supervision of Adrian Zuckerman. Samuel's research in civil procedure focuses on the impact that both cuts to legal aid and increasing litigation fees have had on the English legal system and access to justice. He was drawn into this area after studying the Unison case in Employment lawHis work also incorporates legal and political theory to assess the consequences of these civil procedural changes to both the litigants and the lawyers involved.  

Prior to his MPhil, he completed his LLB at the University of Bristol in 2019 with a first class honours degree, and was awarded the Deans Commendation for Academic Excellence on multiple occasions throughout his time there. Samuel has also had experience with mentoring undergraduates, and has interned with law firms in Tax and Commerical Oil & Gas departments. As such, his areas of interest remain broad, but he is currently devoted to issues surrounding public law, civil procedure, employment law, and political theory.

Research Interests

Civil Procedure

Public and Constitutional Law

Political and Philosophical Theory