Sarah joined the Oxford Law Faculty in September 2010, as a fellow of St Hilda's College. Her research focuses on the causal element of the negligence inquiry and the interface between tort and property, with a particular emphasis on the law's treatment of intangibles. In December 2014, Sarah published a monograph entitled 'Causation in Negligence' with Hart Publishing. Her previous book was 'The Tort of Conversion' (Hart Publishing, 2009) with John Randall QC, the first major work on the subject in English law. She has published various articles on aspects of tort, property and contract in a wide range of journals, including the Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, Journal of Business Law, Law Quarterly Review, Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, Medical Law Review and Modern Law Review. In terms of teaching, Sarah's principal interests lie in Torts, Personal Property and Contract, reflecting her research interests in the fields of private law and commercial law.

Sarah is happy to supervise doctoral students in most areas of tort, contract and personal property


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  • S Green, 'Loss of chance as a commercial remedy' in G Virgo and S Worthington (eds), Commercial Remedies: Resolving Controversies (CUP 2016) (forthcoming)
  • S Green, 'When is a material contribution not a material contribution?' (2016) Professional Negligence 169 [Case Note]
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  • S Green, 'Between a rock of uncertainty and a hard case' (2015) 2016 Law Quarterly Review 25 [Case Note]
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  • S Green, 'Proportional Liability: Analytical and Comparative Perspectives' (2015) 2016 Journal of European Tort Law [Review]
  • S Green and A Bogg, 'Rights are not just for the virtuous: what Hounga means for the illegality defence in the discrimination torts.' (2015) Industrial Law Journal 101
  • S Green and P S Davies, 'The Problem of Pure Economic Loss in Negligence' in A Robertson and M Tilbury (eds), Convergence and Divergence in the Common Law (2015) (forthcoming)
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  • S Green and M Dyson, 'The Properties of the Law' in M Dyson (ed), Unravelling Tort and Crime (2014)
  • S Green, 'Theft and Conversion' (2012) Law Quarterly Review 564
    An examination of the difference between the criminal and civil law treatment of interferences with personal property, with particular attention paid to intangibles and money. The thesis essentially concludes that the criminal law's approach is both more coherent and appropriate to modern forms of property.
    ISBN: 0023-933X
  • S Green, 'Rights and Wrongs: An Introduction to the Wrongful Interference Actions' in Donal Nolan and Andrew Robertson (eds), Rights and Private Law (Hart Publishing 2011)
    ISBN: 9781849461429
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    ISBN: 0021-9460
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    ISBN: 0023-933X
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  • S Green, 'To Have and to Hold? Conversion and Intangible Property' (2008) 71 Modern Law Review 114
    ISBN: 0026-7961
  • S Green, 'Torts and Rights' (2008) 67 Cambridge Law Journal 428 [Review]
  • S Green, 'Benjamin's Sale of Goods' [2007] Journal of Business Law 323 [Review]
  • S Green and Djakhongir Saidov, 'Software as Goods' [2007] Journal of Business Law 161
  • S Green, 'A Game of Doctors and Purses' (2006) Medical Law Review 1
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    Citation of “Contributing to the Risk of Confusion? Causation in the Court of Appeal” (2009) 125 Law Quarterly Review 44-49
  • S Green, 'A v Ministry of Defence [2009] EWHC 1225 (QB) at [235]' (2000) [Case Note]
  • S Green, 'Rothwell v Chemical & Insulating Co Ltd [2007] UKHL 39 at [55] ' (2000)


Research Interests

Wrongful Interference with Assets; Personal Property; Torts (particularly causation in negligence); Sales

Options taught

Contract, Tort, Criminal Law (Mods), Personal Property

Research projects