Stacy is a PhD candidate who broadly works in the field of refugee law. After working in refugee camps in Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria for three years, between 2013 and 2016, Stacy resolved to examine how refugee status determination procedures are conducted in practice. Stacy conducted fieldwork in 2016 and remained in ‘the field’ for years afterward. Before this, Stacy was based at the Department of International Development at the University of Oxford where she completed a Master of Science. She previously studied International Law, Archaeology, and Ethics at Harvard University and International Law at the University of Geneva. Stacy completed her Honors Bachelor of Arts at McGill University.

Stacy has worked at the International Migration Institute, the Refugee Studies Centre, and the Department of International Development at the University of Oxford as well as at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies, and the Montréal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies. Stacy was a Samuel Pisar Traveling Fellow in Human Rights at the Bonavero Institute for Human Rights during which time she examined access to temporary protection status and worked along the Turkish-Syrian border. She has completed programming work as well as research for UNICEF Canada, Save the Children, Youth Challenge International, Terre des Hommes, and the UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti. Stacy actively supports the Alliance for the Protection of Children in Humanitarian Action, the Global Network for Public Interest Law, and the Refugee Law Initiative.

Research projects