My primary research interests are in private law (especially contract, and restitution. Increasingly, torts). I have particular interests in its foundational concepts, and in remedial issues. I am also more widely interested in the philosophy of private law.

I am writing up my DPhil on Standing in Private Law under the co-supervision of Professors Robert Stevens and Sandy Steel. Previously I obtained my LLB (2014) from the National University of Singapore (NUS) as top first, where I was appointed an inaugural Sheridan Fellow, lecturing and tutoring contract law for a year at the NUS Faculty of Law. I came to Oxford as a Clarendon Scholar, where I read for the BCL (2016, dist) and MPhil (2017). I was Stipendiary Lecturer in Law at Merton College, and taught on the BCL for Commercial Remedies. 


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  • T Liau and R Leow, 'Proprietary Restitution' in Elise Bant, Kit Barker, and Simone Degeling (eds), Unjust Enrichment and Restitution Handbook (Edward Elgar Publishing 2020) (forthcoming)
  • T Liau, 'Abolishing the fiction of fraud in the Misrepresentation Act' [2015] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 464 [Case Note]
  • T Liau, 'Review of Paul S Davies, Accessory Liability (Hart Publishing, 2015)' (2015) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 278 [Review]
  • T Liau, 'Characterisation and Shams following Contextual Contractual Interpretation: a view from Singapore' [2014] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 13 [Case Note]
  • T Liau, 'Is Criminalising Directorial Negligence a Good Idea?' (2014) 14 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 175
  • T Liau and R Leow, 'Resulting Trusts: a Victory for Unjust Enrichment?' (2014) 73 Cambridge Law Journal 500 [Case Note]
  • T Liau and R Leow, 'Unjust Enrichment and Restitution in Singapore: where now and where next?' (2013) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 331

Research Interests

 Private Law - especially contract, unjust enrichment, personal property, and trusts. Related aspects of commercial law (especially insolvency). Philosophy of Private Law.

Options taught

Contract, Commercial Remedies

Research projects