Vassilios Copetinas


Vassilios is a DPhil candidate in Law as an AG Leventis scholar, the Graduate Development Scholar at St Anne's College, and a tutor at the University of Oxford.

He is working on EU Competition Law. His doctoral research, supervised by professor Ariel Ezrachi, focuses on the interface between digital markets, democracy, and competition law. Specifically, it looks at competition law's intertwined tools and objectives to reposition them within a cohesive framework that is then used to demonstrate the elements that can be used to protect various aspect of democracy or, more broadly, of the democratic process. 

Vassilios is also teaching European Union law at St Anne's College and Hertford College. Before joining Oxford, he studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) for his undergraduate degree in law, at the University of Warwick for an LLM in International Economic Law, and at the College of Europe (Bruges), as a Joseph Bech scholar, for an LLM in European Law.

Over the years Vassilios has acted as a political adviser to a Member of European Parliament, as an advisor on digital affairs to a government, and as an expert consultant to another Member of European Parliament in the context of legislative action in the digital regulatory framework and the cybersecurity report.

Research Interests

  • Competition  Law
  • EU Law
  • Data Protection
  • Network Industries
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Artificial Intelligence 

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